Saturday, June 30, 2012

GrUVyWear Swimsuit Review

I was recently offered a free swimsuit for Josephine to review, and it took me all of three seconds to say "Yes please!" I had never heard of GrUVyWear before receiving the offer, and ... I'm not gonna lie ... it took me longer than I will readily admit to figure out why it was spelled with a capital "UV" in the name. Umm ... DUH. GrUVyWear specializes in UV protective swimwear that offers a UPF of 50+, blocking over 98% of the sun's harmful rays.

Once I realized I was getting swimwear for my kid with tons of extra-special UV protection, I was even more geeked. We spend a lot of time in the pool, and then there's grandma's pool, great-Gran's pool, and Lake Huron to spend time in, and no matter how much sunscreen I put on that kid, it really is never enough. It's hard to keep little kid skin protected, and Josephine's skin is just SO fair that it makes me nervous to let her stay out. Too bad for me that she will spend HOURS in that bright sun, and if you dare try dragging her inside, you are in for a heck of a battle.

Luckily, my suit came just in time for some very hot and very high UV index days that we had already planned out as pool days!

I also had no idea what to expect when I got the suit -- I kept wondering what it would look like -- and I was definitely not imagining what I got, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Instead of a suit like I usually put Josephine in, I got this, which looks more like a wetsuit!

Sorry for the lack of smile; she was standing right next to the pool and I told her she had to wait and not get in until I took a picture. She was not pleased about that!

I have always seen kids in these on my facebook feed and at the beach, and I must admit, I always wondered if I should be buying those instead of regular little suits, so I was happy to have one to try out.

Josephine loved it!

It was a two-piece, but stayed in place. I was DEFINITELY happy that so much of her was covered on this particular day. The material was very nice, and Josephine seemed very comfortable in it. It also seemed to be material that would hold up for a very long time. 

All in all, we were both pleased with our GrUVyWear suit. The best news is that I have a code for you to save 15% if you'd like some GrUVyWear of your own. Until July 15th, just enter the code SAVE1550 at the checkout.

I was given a complimentary suit to review for this post, but the opinions expressed are my own.