Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sponsored Post: Kleenex Hand Towels & Guest-ready Bathrooms

As you know by now, we are BUYING OUR FIRST HOME, and I could not be more excited. However, while the house is "livable" (minus the living room wall color. SHUDDER.), there are lots of little things I am dying to do to spruce the house up and make it ours. 

One of the easier projects is going to be the bathroom that guests use. The bathroom is okay ...

But I think it would also be relatively easy to make it look much, much nicer. Since the previous owners almost had an all-white theme going there, I thought it would be fun to finish the all-white idea and then punctuate it with a nice bright color.

I think this make-over could be accomplished in five easy steps.

So, STEP ONE would be to paint that vanity white (a new one would be nice, but painting it would obviously be a cheap solution.

For STEP TWO, I chose my punch of color and found the perfect shower curtain in that color (and eliminated the tree shower curtain, which, frankly made me uncomfortable -- it's a bit too much for such a small space!).

Aquamarine panels

Yes, yes, these are drapery panels and not a shower curtain, but I ADORE them, and I promise you this -- I will find a shower curtain in this pattern, or I will die trying.

STEP THREE: since the big, dated medicine cabinet is taking up a lot of wall space but not offering much storage, I would rip that out and replace it with a simple white medicine cabinet.

That way, I have room for STEP FOUR: Adding in a cute wall cabinet over the toilet, also in white, of course, so the aquamarine will stand out.

Which leaves me at STEP FIVE: adding a few aqua accessories to pull it all together.

I found this beautiful mosaic mirror on etsy, which would look beautiful on the opposite wall, above the towel rack.

And a few of these glass jars in shades of blue would bring a great dose of color on the shelf beneath the new wall cabinet.

But you want to see what the finished product would look like, right? You want to see a vision board of my guest-ready bathroom, produced on my super-fancy design software. Here you go, ladies and gents!

BOOM! Made in Paint, loved by all. Veronica's bathroom-to-be. 

I hope all your bathroom make-overs are that easy or even easier. Enjoy your summer entertaining!

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jimmy jam said...

These are so cute. Thanks for the tutorial, I am going to try and make these for presents.. hand towels